Laos Top destination for 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The International Herald Tribune has voted Laos as the Top destination for 2008 beating Lisbon and Tunisia.Laos is shaping up to be Indochina's next hot spot.

Ancient sites like the Wat Phou temple complex and the capital city of Vientiane are drawing culture seekers.Luxury teak houseboats are cruising down the Mekong.

And global nomads are heading to Luang Prabang to sample the Laotian tasting menu at 3 Nagas ( or hang out by the infinity pool at the seriously upscale Résidence Phou Vao (

Learn speaking thai..

Of course if you visit Thailand you want to know some basics about food to help you get what you want to eat. The list below gives you a little simple vocabulary for food:

Meat & Fish

Gai = chicken
Moo = Pork or pig
Nua = beef (and meat generally)
Plaa = fish
Poo = crab
Gung = prawn or shrimp
plaa meuk = squid/octopus

Fruit & Vegetables

polamai = fruit
appen = apple
strawberry = strawberry
Dtaengmoe = watermelon
Saparot = pineapple
Mameaung = mango
Turien = Durien
Pak = vegetables
Mercated = tomato
Man Falang = potato
Kawpoht = corn

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Plan your trip to Philippines

General Info

Filipinos often use their eyes, lips, and hands to convey a wide range of messages. Raised eyebrows and a smile indicate a silent "hello" or a "yes" in answer to a question. Fixed eye contact between men is considered an aggressive gesture. The proper method to summon somebody is with a downward wave.

Filipinos place great emphasis on polite language and gentle conversation. Voice tone is always soft and gentle, and direct questions should be avoided. Filipinos value their self-esteem, so never criticize or argue with them publicly.

Most men, when so provoked, will fight for the preservation of their pride or self-esteem. Avoid topics such as politics, religion, corruption and foreign aid. Filipinos enjoy conversations about their families.

What to Wear

People in the Philippines dress for the weather (HOT!) Casual attire during the day for women is light blouses and shorts. For men collared T- shirts worn over slacks. In the evening skirts are substituted for shorts and the T-shirts are tucked in.

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Dalat, Vietnam

At first glimpse, hilly and cool Dalat feels like a foreign country: locals go about in sweaters, berets and Sunday suits, and mist hangs over hilly neighborhoods with French villas lost in the mist.

That it’s so different is why it’s long been a place for French colonials, Vietnam kings and communist-era honeymooners have come to escape Vietnam’s heat and hassle.

In the last 15 years or so, guidebooks have put Dalat at par with other itinerary staples as Nha Trang and Hoi An, but to be honest not all visitors are equally swayed by its gentle green mountains, brisk temperatures and quirky take on what tourism means (like the ‘Dalat cowboys’ offering pony rides or the dream-like tree/cave hotel with red-eyed kangaroos in rooms you can tour all day).

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