AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manado

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AirAsia is to launch flights between Kuala Lumpur and Manado, a province in Indonesia, with three direct weekly flights from 12th September 2008.

Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi is the main gateway to the Indonesian archipelago comprising of Minahasa, Bolaang, Mongondow and the island of Dangihe Talaud.

Scuba diving and snorkeling on the nearby island of Bunaken are the most popular attractions. Other places of interest are nearby Lake Tondano, Lokon Volcano, Klabat Volcano and Mahawu Volcano.


White Sandy Beaches in Malaysia

Just the sight of a long, soft, sandy beach fringed by clear azure water and lit up brilliantly by the tropical sun is enough to put many people’s minds at ease with a heavy sense of peace. Malaysia beaches act as such catalysts catapulting thoughts of home and work far into the distance.

Things to do appeal to many kinds of people who enjoy doing absolutely nothing to enjoying many water sports and beach activities.

A great place for relaxing is the Mine Malaysia Palace Beach Spa. Though located in the bustling capital center of Kuala Lumpur you will feel as though you’re a million miles from everything during your Malaysia holiday.


The Singapore Sun Festival

The Singapore Sun Festival is back! Touted as Singapore’s Premier Music and Lifestyle Festival, it is bringing in over 250 international artists and celebrities in more than 90 events in 10 days to celebrate the art of living! Performing artistes include Kiri Te Kanawa, mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade, and the world-renowned Vienna Boys Choir.

And of course, there will be visual arts events, film screenings, literature workshops, Wine & Cuisine stuff, and of course, Wellness events, comprising of yoga workshops.

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Speaking Thai today

For those of you that want or need to speak the language of love in Thai here’s a small dictionary of Thai love phrases that are sure to impress and excite your new Thai girlfriend. I guarantee she will be amazed and impressed. If you’re having trouble with pronunciation you can ask her for help too which will help to make your relationship more concrete.

Beginning Your Relationship
I am single. (pom yung sot)
You are very beautiful. (koon suay mak mak)
You are very cute. (koon na-ruk mak mak)
I like your smile. (pom chorp roi yim kong koon)
Can I see you tomorrow? (proong nee jer gun dai mai) - For yes the reply is “dai” and for no the reply is “mai dai”

Simple itinerary to visit Vietnam

Day 1 - The Old Quarter

Walking around Hanoi is similar to walking around Bangkok – you don’t know where to look first. You need to have every sense working overtime to keep up with its pace. The noise of the traffic, the smells from the foodstalls and the constant view of people and moving frantically around you will do nothing else but astound you upon touching down for the very first time.

The best known area of the city among travellers is the city’s Old Quarter, an area divided up into 36 different streets. In the 13th Century when the area established, each street designated to one of the 36 trades practised in the city. Some of these streets include Bat Dan meaning wooden bowls, Gia Ngu which means fishermen, and Hang Trong which stands for drum. Today there are over 50 streets in the area.


Kinabalu Park, Malaysia

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Kinabalu Park covers a staggering area of 754 sg. km (300 sq.mile) from the Park Headquarters area all the way to Poring Hot Springs 40 km (25 miles) away and northwards to Mandalon, almost reaching the Kudat Hoghway. It is bigger than Singapore Island!

Established as a state park in 1964, this botanical paradise is blessed with an astonishing variety of flora and fauna that ranges over 4 climate zones, from the oak, rhododendron; the coniferous forests, to the alphine meadow plants and to the stunted bushes of the summit zone. Kinabalu Park has probably one of the richest flora collections in the world.


Pramuka island, Indonesia

Pramuka island is parts of thousand islands - Jakarta. This area has about two thousand residents and is a good conservation for the hawksbill turtle, one of six types of sea turtles who reside in.

For more information, the hawksbill turtle is protected by Indonesia government. Beside Pramuka Island, these few islands near here has served as places to breed for hawksbill turtle.


Go-Go Bar scam in Thailand

You are walking along Patpong Road and some pathetic looking tout invites you to an a go-go bar upstairs performing ping-pong, darts and horny snake shows. You are told a beer is a 100 baht, but when you get the bill it is for 1,500 (tout downstairs forgot to tell you there was a huge cover charge).

The scammers in there are violently dangerous, don’t get into a fight (a Japanese guy was murdered a few years ago in one of those bars). Tell them politely that you need a receipt to get your money back from the company (entertainment expenses).


10 reasons to visit Vietnam

Being one of the most charming capital cities in Asia where past, present and future are all bended so well in one single place, Hanoi truly deserves a several days stay. And, make sure you go these places to have best experience of Vietnam's capital city.

1. Ho Chi Minh complex, visiting his Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace and his old houses. The Mausoleum is where the body of the greatest president of Vietnam is kept in a glass coffin. The Presidential Palace is a beautiful French building that was originally built for the French General Governor of Indochina, later on Ho Chi Minh worked in the building.


6 reasons to visit Vietnam

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Most people think of Vietnam as a war. But the old history has all gone. Now peace and safety resides. It's opening to the world as a friendly and exotic place on earth to be.

So why don't you think of coming. I'll name some of the reasons why you should:

1. She's a new place. It's not touristy like in Thailand and many places you go, people got stunned by your appearance.

2. She's safe and friendly. The majority of people in Vietnam are farmers, pure farmers. Many of them have never learnt of much apart from the village they were born in. Naturally, they're almost all friendly and safe to be around. Moreover, the communist government does a good job in ensuring securities all over the country. Nothing of a crime has happened to tourists for the last decades.


Bromo Mount, Indonesia

Bromo have known by all of visitor of the worlds. They come to Bromo to watch the sunrise. The visitor also can look down to the crater that full of its smoke, and feel the cold of the air, is probably could only be done in Bromo.

Our eyes will also completed by the sea of sand that the way to reach Bromo’s peak. The main gate to the sea of sand and mount Bromo is through Cemorolawang. This is the most crowded visiting area, espesially on holidays.


2 cities in Malaysia are World Heritage sites

Malacca and Penang rejoiced as they celebrate the inscription of their state capitals as World Heritage Sites.
The World Heritage Site covers:> St Paul’s Hill civic zone with St Paul’s Church, Porta de Santiago (A Famosa) fortress and Stadhuys complex,
> Residential and commercial areas of Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heeren Street), Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Walk) and adjacent streets, including Harmony Street, and> The Malacca River.


Phrae, Thailand

General Information An old and important community of Northern Thailand, Phrae was founded after Chiang Mai had been established as the capital of the Lanna Thai kingdom. With one of the largest reserves of teak forests in the country, it is located on the banks of the Yom River, 555 kilometres from Bangkok.


Makan Sutra, Singapore

Apart from Newton Circus hawker center that is well know to everyone inside and outside of Singapore, there is another nice hawker’s center in Singapore that is less crowded and has almost every Singapore’s signature food and drinks. That is the Makan Sutra which is located just beside The Esplanade, or behind the Marina Square shopping center.